Dutch Foundations recognizes the importance that the quality of our service has to the future of our business. We are dedicated to providing high quality service ensuring that projects are finished on-schedule, within budget and to the highest standards.

Dutch Foundations has adopted an effective and practical quality system certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards that enables continuous improvement in our services and management processes.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Maintain an effective Quality Management System which conforms to ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Promote a culture of quality awareness and responsibility, through leadership, communication and training for employees, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Chose suppliers and subcontractors with the same high ambition on quality with whom we can collaborate to foster strengthened quality objectives
  • Provide adequate resources, including a senior management champion, to fulfill our quality commitments
  • Investigate all cases of underperformance to identify root causes and prevent recurrence
  • Ensure that customer requirements and satisfaction are central to decision making, planning and project execution
  • Work with the QMS to deliver client projects on-time, within budget and to specification
  • Require all employees to perform their duties in compliance with regulatory requirements, QMS, company policies and contractual requirements
  • Give the appropriate employees the responsibility and authority for ensuring that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels
  • Regularly conduct reviews at all levels the effectiveness of the system, produce plans for system improvements and report against objectives
  • Proactively manage changes that take place within the business to ensure that the integrity of the QMS is maintained

We will review our quality policy annually to continually ensure that we are meeting the needs of the business and environment in which we operate.