Deep foundation piling

The many available types of piles and associated construction methods are mainly used for foundation load transfer and earth retention systems. They are used in marine and land-based structures where the surface soil layers cannot provide the required load-bearing capacity. In all situations, piles are utilized to transfer lateral, vertical or a combination of both loads through weak soil layers to a suitable bearing layer.


This type of pile installation is used to replace soil removed by drilling rather than occupying the space of displaced soil as in driven piles. Thus, it mostly relies on end-bearing capacity of the earth layer at the drilled depth. Bored piles provide the largest pile dimensions and hence the highest load bearing capacities.

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Tubular steel pipes or pre-cast concrete piles are driven into the ground using impact hammers. Driven piles provide a fast deep foundation solution. They are suitable for both land and marine applications and offer a high-performance piling system with up to 100 tons/pile design load capacity.

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