Marine Works

Dutch Foundations has successfully completed numerous projects involving marine works including interventions such as marine bored piles, sheet piles, cofferdams, marine quay walls and piers, shore protection and offshore excavation and dredging.

We can provide comprehensive solutions for:

Cofferdams & Offshore Sheet Piles

Sheet piles are usually driven in water to prevent or minimize water flow into surrounding area. Pumping is then used to create a dry work environment to ensure that work can be carried out safely.

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Marine Piling

Marine bored piles are installed over water bodies by inserting a permanent steel casing deep below the seabed, emptied by drilling rigs and filled with plain or reinforced concrete.

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Marine Quay Walls

Quay walls are retaining wall structures used for scour protection, shore protection from wave action or for ships to dock. They can be erected using sheet piles, secant piles, diaphragm walls or flat thick concrete blocks.

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