Approach and Strategy


Independently managed, fully operational sister companies in the UAE, Iraq & Oman.


Dutch Foundations’ reputation for integrity and excellence in the UAE is creating exciting opportunities across the GCC and the Middle East. As the region’s economy grows, we are well positioned to play an increasing role in its development, offering technical expertise and proven solutions through our network of offices in Iraq and Oman.

Both at home in the UAE and in the greater Gulf region, we will continue to leverage our vast experience and trusted expertise in order to provide innovative, cost effective, safe and environmentally sustainable ground engineering solutions for our clients and partner

Providing Quality Workmanship for over 30 Years


What’s the secret of our success in handling clients’ projects?

We always strive to develop a mutually beneficial partnership, answering questions and addressing concerns in a spirit of positive collaboration.

Our experienced professional project teams work closely with yours to satisfy your specific project requirement We allocate all the necessary resources to meet schedules and deadlines and utilize our years of experience to foresee obstacles and offer you alternative.

Naturally, we abide by all applicable statutory laws, regulations, work ethics
and our own core value